Remember ages ago, we shared a promo for Justice League: Dark? Well, I had a watch and have come to a verdict. Read on my friend.

Magic is something of a mystery when it comes to comics. There are plenty of famous characters who hold powers beyond just super-powers. Magic has been a force in the DC Universe for decades. From characters like Enchantress, to the likes of Zatanna, they hold powers beyond the realm of reason. So, what happens when you mix up DC’s weirdest characters and shove them together with DC’s most stoutly logical hero.

Well, you get a half decent movie.

Constantine (left), Zatanna (middle) and Batman (right), make a decent team.

We begin by seeing regular people, driven to madness through some dark and unknown force. Wonder Woman apprehends a woman who plows into a crowd after seeing demons. Superman confronts a father who is holding his family hostage, after murdering his neighbors. Batman tries to help a woman who is determined to kill her own baby, after claiming it’s the anti-Christ.

He saves the baby. But not the mother. Bats is then sent in the direction of one John Constantine, who is a master of arcane arts.

The magic art style is impressive to say the least.

From there, we see some lesser known faces like Swamp Thing, Etrigan, a demon warrior bound to a scientist and Deadman, the ghost of a performer.

The animation is top notch, as to be expected from DC. They can’t get their films right, but man do they know animation. It’s cool, fast and often rather amusing. Batman interacting with these magically endowed meta-humans is cool. Watching him, literally frighten spirits of death will never get old.

Voice acting is also up to par, with Constantine being a favourite of mine. He’s a Liverpudlian mage who swears, cracks wise and is generally, kind of a ass.

The animation was adapted from the comic of the same name.

But we love him.

Justice League: Dark  is definitely worth a watch and is available on Amazon right now!

The next one to look out for would be Gotham by Gaslight, a multiverse story where batman is hunting Jack the Ripper, in a Victorian era Gotham.

We can’t wait.