At long last, we have a review for what is generally the most okay movie DC has put out thus far. Justice League, you’re up.

After it was revealed that Justice League was DC’s lowest grossing movie, all hope seemed a bit lost. If the public didn’t want to go see it, is there really any point? Well, we would argue there is. DC movies, while they may have their flaws, somehow have managed to cobble together a rather enjoyable action flick that isn’t anywhere near as disappointing as previous entries.

The movie begins with Batman, hunting down a weird bug looking monster, who is apparently a scout for the alien race that was teased in Batman V Superman. He learns of these weird things called Mother Boxes, which hold untold power and whatever this alien race is, it wants these boxes. Smash cut to the Amazonians, where they are promptly attacked by Steppenwolf, an alien of godlike power from the planet Apokolips. This is also the planet where DC’s biggest villain, Darkseid resides.

We are then introduced to our other heroes, as Batfleck and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman track them down. Ezra Miller plays a genuinely funny Flash and Jason Momoa is perfect as Aquaman. They really tried to make him look as cool as possible.

And it worked.

We then have Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher, who compliments the team quite well. He even says his catchphrase from the comics and TV shows at the very end which was a nice touch.

Superman is resurrected not long into the film and after a brief reunion with his Ma’ and Lois Lane, he swoops in and saves the day in an okay action sequence. Seriously, it’s not terrible. It feels like an actual movie that was made by human beings. Not a jumbled mess of plot holes and sub-plots.

Overall, a damn solid movie. Heck, even enjoyable in some parts. If you can forgive some sudden changes in tone or a few shakey CGI scenes then I’d recommend it. If not for the movie, for Aquaman being the most likeable character out of the bunch.