Makin’ it rain. I just wish it were on the payload.

Blizzard’s first and only hero shooter has officially cracked $1billion in just under a year. Just last week the game passed the 30 million player mark, which is an incredible milestone. But it’s not just the players we should be looking at.

Like most games today, Overwatch has what are called micro transactions. These come in the form of loot boxes that contain purely cosmetic items. You can get them by just playing the game, or you can pay for them. They come in different tiers, and the more you pay the more boxes you get.

This will probably be where most of the money comes from, as this will be, according to Activision Blizzard, their “eight billion dollar franchise”. I mean, I’d settle for just one, you know?

The whole earnings report can be found here, if you’re into such things.

The fact that this relatively new shooter is already earning what the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield are making is quite the feat.

But let us not forget those that died along the way:

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*21 gun salute from an entire lobby of Widowmaker players*