As if Facebook didn’t have enough to deal with.

It has been revealed that women working for Facebook are paid bonuses that are worth less than 60% of those their male colleagues receive. The median gap is around 41.5% according to figures submitted to the government.

The equivalent gap for hourly pay was much smaller, at 9.9%.

This means when comparing median hourly rates, female staff earn 90p to every £1 a man makes.

Facebook employs about 1,500 people in the UK.


A branch of the company recently created 800 jobs with the unveiling of its new building in the UK. 

Data states that 87.8% of its male employees received a bonus payment, compared to 86.3% of its female workers. They said that part of the reason there was such a large gap was due to the fact that a large proportion of higher-level engineering teams and executives were male than in other areas.

The Fiona Millan, the company’s human resources chief for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, stated:

‘Technical roles generally have a higher market rate than other positions due to their more specialised skills, but also the higher rate of demand for those skills in the marketplace,’

She said that they are hoping to tackle the issue, but that would involve more women being encouraged to study the relevant subjects at school and university.

Personally, we thought they’d be more focused on um…other more pressing matters. Like Zuckerburg snubbing a meeting with MPs over Facebook selling your private data. But that’s none of our business. We covered it briefly here. 

It’s all their business though.