People are Dumb

There are a lot of connotations when it comes to alcohol and bathing.

Wine in a bubble bath, cider in a shower when you’re feeling emotionally crippled.

But it turns out, we were doing it wrong! Yes everyone, we’ve done it all wrong all this time. Two Swedish companies have shown us how to do it right.

PangPang brewery and creative firm Snask have created a beer aptly named ‘Shower Beer’.

It’s a small 6oz bottle that is a 10% pale ale. For when you want to get tanked at the pre-drinks but with only one drink.

OR, counter argument:

The beer is supposed to be drunk within a measly three sips. It’s a pick-me-up kind of drink while you sort your barnet out before you head out to the town. The beer is only available in Sweden, with the first batch sold out instantly. There is more on the way though.

Or alternatively, you don’t drink beer because it tastes like vomit?