If you’re not very adventurous with your meal choices, chances are you’ve probably passed by Thaikhun in the Metro Centre without even giving it a second glance. If that’s the case, you should definitely think again.

Stepping into the restaurant, you’ll soon forget where you are. The decor is incredible, and every single aspect has been considered. It’s unique and very cool, so it’ll definitely make for a great Instagram pic!

Within moments, you’ll be met by a member of staff, eager to make your visit a memorable one. Not only are they willing to give great recommendations, and explain the menu to anyone who hasn’t visited before, but they’re happy to alter the menu to your needs. That’s very important, as it makes your experience worry-free.

As well as this, the food itself is delicious. Whether you love a Thai favourite, or something a bit more adventurous, they have it all. And, if you’re super hungry, don’t worry – the service is incredibly quick, so you won’t be waiting long.

What about the price? Well, it’s not the cheapest, but it’s also not too pricey either. You definitely get a great meal for what you pay, so if you’re not on a super tight budget then this won’t be a problem. It’s worth it, we promise!

It’s definitely a nice change from the other, typical restaurants in the Metro Centre – pizza, burger, and chips – so if you want to try something new then you have got to visit Thaikhun.