A new addition to the Metrocentre’s food court is Coast to Coast. The American-themed restaurant is perfect for a family meal or a celebration with a group of friends at any time of the week.

Good points:

  1. The restaurant has a lovely, refreshing layout. It is spacious and pristine with an upmarket American diner twist.
  2. Service is quick and efficient.
  3. There is no rush to have your meal and you can do it all in your own time which appears to be a novelty compared to many other restaurants at the moment.

Bad points:

  1. Most of the drinks are alcoholic and the only alternatives are soft drinks or milkshakes, no ‘mocktails’ or juice blends.
  2. The dessert menu could be improved by adding more of a selection or something vibrant and different to the desserts you can order at other restaurants.

Customer service: 5/5

Service at Coast to Coast is fantastic. As mentioned above, it is quick and easy. When you ask for something, it arrives at your table within minutes and there is nothing that you can’t request. Brilliant service from the staff that appear to be happy to work in the restaurant.

Value for money: 4.5/5

The meal for four of us was on the expensive side but when you take into consideration how nice the food is compared to its rival restaurants like Byron Burger, it is well worth it. Milkshakes are a bit too overpriced but it is the same at pretty much every restaurant you go to.

We suggest:

  1. The BBQ chicken burger. If you like your breaded chicken and plenty of it, this burger is definitely the one for you. With lettuce and tomato in the burger as well as a side of chips, you get what you pay for.
  2. The Oreo milkshake. Although I have had better, it is something you’ve got to have if you’re a fan of the biscuit (I’m a sucker for it).