She’s Like Our Trump

Except not as ‘world domination-y’. Or as racist. And at least has some semblance of brain function.

Theresa May, our overlord of sorts, having managed to cling on to power longer than a decade-old remote control, like a light bulb you think needs changing, but as you go into the cupboard to get a brand-new bulb, it sparks back to life, or an additional metaphor I can’t get into words, has the worst approval rating of any PM in the last decade.

She is currently sitting on a net disapproval rating of -42, which, honestly, is far higher than we expected. Her approval rating could be (now this is just a guess) related to the majority of political blunders she’s made over the last 12 months or so. From literally holding hands with Trump to the Grenfell Tower farce. Oh, let us also not forget the dementia tax. Which is exactly as awful as it sounds. Then there’s the doubling back on numerous policies in her own manifesto.

When stacked up against the previous leaders of the UK, she is the worst by a rather large margin, with Cameron having -34, Brown having +7 and Blair having -26.

But put it this way, it took seven months for Cameron to get that disapproval rating. It took May 12, so I guess that’s a silver lining.

I reckon it’s all those farmers she annoyed by running through their fields.