Yep, DC’s next attempt at a blockbuster is coming this August and, surprisingly, looks rather good.

This is after a dismal start to the cinematic universe with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

Suicide Squad is still a mystery to us. Who is the real bad guy? Is it Jared Leto’s newest Joker? Is it something spawned from the kryptonian destruction in Man of Steel?

Who knows?

However, we do see the cast in a more fleshed-out form. The characters look intriguing, with enough to keep us going.

Harley Quinn looks awesome, and we get a better look at each character’s personality. Deadshot (Will Smith) looks brilliant, and the two characters seem to be the film’s main focus.

There have been odd rumours that the director (David Ayer) has called for re-shoots to make the film funnier, as all of the film’s jokes were in the one trailer, and that’s what the fans responded to.

David Ayer tweeted about this by saying:


Let’s hope the re-shoots are worth it.

And that the story makes sense.

Check out the trailer!

*Fingers crossed* Please be good, please be good, please be good.