We Are the Champions

It’s been a long and uncertain journey with so many ups and downs, but thanks to Brighton’s misfortune and a strong match against Barnsley, Newcastle United have won the Championship League.

If it were not for an Aston Villa goal scored in the 89th minute against Brighton, Newcastle would have been second. We really did have some extraordinary luck on our side today and all we can do now is wait and see where and how far Rafa will take us next season now that we’re a Premier League team again.

The scenes in St James’ Park after both the players and the fans learned that they had won the league were extremely moving. It started with the loudest and most passionate cheering that the park had heard in a long time then some very fitting songs and chants.

The last question to ask is this: would this have been possible without Rafa Benitez, who may be on his way to becoming the best manager NUFC has ever had?

At this point, who cares? The Toon is too busy celebrating this brilliant win. We’re sure that the scenes in Brighton won’t be so cheerful… The fans and players alike will be kicking themselves.