For the majority of people, Friday the 13th is no more unlucky than any other day. However Arctic Monkeys fans over the age of 18 will now regard Friday the 13th of April 2018 as a day of pure injustice.

Tickets for the Arctic Monkeys concerts were released on Friday and as with most major bands, it was near impossible to get a ticket. Once the rush was over and the tour completely sold out, unsuccessful fans vented their frustration and disappointment on those who did manage to get tickets.

The twenty-somethings of Twitter were shocked and appalled that Arctic Monkeys fans who are only a few years their junior have ‘stolen’ concert tickets from real fans.

In a similar way to a brain surgeon, becoming a true Arctic Monkeys fan seemingly requires years of experience and countless qualifications. Here are some of the angriest Arctic Monkeys fans’ tweets:


You can actually taste the salt in this tweet.

That’s right, the Arctic Monkeys would much rather have you there than those “lil indie kids”.


Ah yes, the unforgivable deeds: murder, adultery and denying @taylordavies201 a sacred Arctic Monkeys ticket.

The anger at the 12 year old fake fans was soon quashed by hundreds of tweets mocking the saltiness of the ticketless fans.

It doesn’t matter whether you know every single word of all the songs and have every poster and album or whether you like the band but aren’t completely obsessed. Anyone who enjoys the music is entitled to a ticket.