There’s no question that the internet hates newly elected Republican Leader Donald Trump, but seeing as his campaign to become the president of the USA is going from success to success, he must be doing something right. No matter what the internet thinks of him, he is still on the verge of becoming President Trump. That said, we are going to try and discover why so many people in America like businessman-turned-politician Donald Trump.

Many Republicans believe that Donald seems to speak from the heart rather than a script; everything he says is original (Melania could take a leaf from his book). He’s not a highly-polished, scripted politician with a team of writers behind him and that’s clear from the way he speaks to people. The way he stumbles on words and appears to just say things as he thinks of them with no filter is something that the American people seem to admire. A lot of Americans are tired and disgruntled with politics and it is evident that Trump and his seemingly ridiculous ideas have shaken up the world of politics and really, Trump is like no other American politician. No one would dare to say the things that he says.

Also, he’s more like the average American than Hillary or even Barack Obama. Even though he’s had a very very privileged life, he doesn’t come across as a snob or typical bourgeoisie man. In fact, when one looks past his helicopters and gold plated properties, Donald really seems to be a normal guy who you might find shopping at Wal-Mart or drinking a gin at the bar.

In many ways, Trump addresses the fears of the average American. There’s a huge problem with crime in the USA and many Americans like to point the finger at certain races for their disturbingly high rate of crime. For every 100,000 white people in the USA, there are 450 in prison. For every 100,000 Hispanic people, there are 831 in prison and for every 100,000 black people, 2,306 are in prison. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t recognise that there are outrageous biases in the judiciary system that can favour white people and also socio-economic factors that contribute to the proportion of people of certain ethnicities in prison. These Americans would naturally be delighted to hear that plans to “build a wall” separating Mexico and the USA were being considered by Trump. As well as huge issues with racism in the USA, there are many people with strong anti-immigrant attitudes, therefore people who dislike immigrants would approve of this idea too.

All of this paired with Trump’s charisma and crowd-pleasing abilities could be why he’s doing so well and why he could soon be moving into the White House.