I won’t lie, I’ve just spent ten minutes staring at the TV with just the word ‘motivation’ written on my computer screen. I could have probably been almost finished this week’s column if I had not procrastinated so much. But here we are.

Motivation, as I can vouch for, is sometimes a pretty difficult thing to muster. Some people for a very long time have dealt with lacking motivation while others, myself included, have only really noticed it as their education career continues.

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Perhaps the reason why at this time of the year there is so little motivation going around is because of a number of reasons: it’s dark and it’s cold and they never really make you want to do anything other than sleep; the TV on an evening is actually really good and so late workers (like me) are torn and we’ve been through so many exams now it just feels like one hard slog to the finish line.

Now, don’t worry – there is a way to deal with motivation issues. It’s literally all a mind game and you have to take control of your own mindset. You have to take every day, small decisions into your hands and sort your life out. Don’t sit with your friends in your free, do that at lunchtime and work in your free. Put your headphones on in a free when you’re working so you don’t get distracted. And, most importantly, tell yourself you are going to work.

Keep thinking about the end goal. That always helps.

See you next week.