Taking yourself too seriously

When I wanted to write this column, I asked my best friend if I took myself too seriously. She said if you didn’t know me, you’d probably think I do. She’s most likely right (as usual), so just to make you aware: I don’t take myself that seriously and I do laugh at myself and let my hair down…sometimes.

But there are some people who are ridiculous and take themselves far too seriously. These are the people whose Instagrams are filled with candid shots of themselves, full-length photos taken by other people and who walk around while holding themselves like a piece of gold. Spoiler alert: you’re nothing special and, sadly for you, you’re one of us. Their faces are more than a Resting Bitch Face. It’s a Permanent Scowl Look. And it’s not pretty – on anyone.

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In life, everyone needs to laugh at themselves and with other people. It’s true. You have to have a good time, be a bit embarrassing, do some things you regret and take the mick a little too. If you don’t, life is boring. Being too concerned with face and the presentation of yourself to others leads down only one road: disappointment and boredom. Have fun. Live. Smile. Don’t take yourself too seriously because one day, when you’re old and grey, you’ll look back on your life and realise you spent too much time sweating the small stuff and not enough time being your true self. That’s what really matters in this world: authenticity.