12 Lists of Christmas: Memes

They dominate our Facebook timelines, twitter feeds and can be self-generated quite easily, if you are that way inclined, which is why we have opted to devote a list to what we think are the best memes this year.

And while a certain Canadian rapper didn’t make the list for memes, you can expect to see him up front and centre, on or video list later this week.

1. aqmY5Gv_700b


2. poprah


3. 0e9




5. need-an-ark-funny-memes-pics-memes-funny-funny-58


6. 11048681_10153141967666945_170624868386073302_n


7. 10850198_574839549316672_5477501267650031673_n


8. unnamed


9. 12011387_1261733293854824_7045011765353379447_n


10. 10696192_10152827028873548_3694293831205270914_n