A BMW advert designed to show off the vehicle’s four-wheel drive has been banned from further screening due to ‘faster, dangerous and irresponsible driving’. In short, they done messed up.

The UK’s advertising watchdog feared that the mix of fast-paced scenes would encourage dangerous manoeuvres on the road. The 30-second-long advert was originally shown last year and has been seen by an estimated 9.3 million people, the ASA has said. This is the third time in a year the Advertising Standards Authority has come at BMW due to complaints.

The ASA noted that in this latest case, BMW had claimed all its cars were driven in ‘a safe and responsible manner’. They also denied the cars had skidded and instead described how their tires appear to slip as a ‘slight reduction of traction’.

But, the ASA said the fast cuts in the footage and the use of Blur’s Song 2, had given the impression of the cars being driven at ‘considerable speed’.  The ad also switched between dirt tracks and private locations, which could encourage a viewer to try the stuff they see in the ad.

It was also reported that the car manufacturer has reclaimed up to 300,000 cars due to a fault that causes the car to stop by itself. 

This isn’t the first time this year the ASA has hounded companies for things like fake waterproof phones and tans that can reduce cellulite.

You know who do ads right?

Aldi. Just saying.