If Pokémon Go isn’t your thing or you just prefer giant reptiles, Jurassic World Live might be up your alley. Or you could have an addictive personality and play both.

You’ll be delighted to hear, that it’s actually:

Jurassic World Live begins with Chris Pratt (because he’s in the movies) telling you how to play the game. You start with one of three beginning dinos, much like in Pokémon Go, you get the option of starting Pokémon. Don’t ask me the names, I have no idea. All we know is that this boy looks mean and ready to eat a goat.

You’re then introduced to the ‘catching’ aspect of the game. You essentially use a drone to fire darts at the dinosaur you’ve tapped on in the overworld map. Very similar to Pokémon Go in this essence but that’s about it.

You level up your chosen reptiles through gaining DNA. So, the more you see one dinosaur, the more DNA you’re going to be collecting. But, it doesn’t stop there.

The main thread of this line of movies is primarily that humans should really not be messing with dinosaur genes. Essentially, once you’ve gained enough DNA for two compatible prehistoric boys, you can create a gene-spliced version. Much like the Indominous-Rex from Jurassic World in 2015.

So now, you can too! Without the fear of, well…this:

There is some free-to-play nonsense in that there are two types of in-game currencies, but it’s not the kind of game that really requires you to buy stuff, given that ‘Supply Drops’ are very common and should keep you going. The battle mode is pretty cool too, with each dinosaur having unique abilities and being able to earn rewards for mashing your scaly friends against someone else’s.

While it may look like a half-cocked movie tie-in game, it’s actually surprisingly fun, if only for a few days, to look at some cool lizards. If you’re looking for other mobile games to play, we’d strongly advise against the Harry Potter one. It’s awful.