50 Ways to De-stress

For those of us doing GCSEs, A-levels or studying at uni, we’re right in the middle of exam season and stress levels are at an all time high, with places for university and apprenticeships more competitive than ever.

It is just as important to study as it is to give your brain a break. So we’ve composed a list of ways to chill out after a long revision session.

  1. Take a nap (or if it’s late, go to bed!)
  2. Have a bath
  3. Listen to some calming music (music for airports by Brian Eno is a good one)
  4. Feed the ducks
  5. Watch the clouds
  6. Watch a candle burn
  7. Yoga videos on Youtube
  8. Listen to a guided relaxation
  9. Go for a walk
  10. Be in nature
  11. Meet up with friends for a few hours
  12. Watch one episode of your favourite TV show
  13. Read something unrelated to revision
  14. Watch a TED Talks conference
  15. Bake some brownies
  16. Burn some relaxing incense
  17. Dance around your room to some music
  18. Call a friend
  19. Walk the dog
  20. Write a poem
  21. Look up the tag studyspo
  22. Go for a run
  23. Go on a bike ride
  24. Turn off all electronics
  25. Make a smoothie
  26. Meditate
  27. Go shopping
  28. Look at some art
  29. Drink coffee
  30. Take some deep breaths
  31. Write in a journal
  32. Pet an animal
  33. Draw a picture
  34. Paint your nails
  35. Go to a farmer’s market
  36. Eat fresh fruit
  37. Find some funny jokes
  38. Go to the park
  39. Do something kind for someone
  40. Go somewhere new
  41. Go for a drive
  42. Colour in
  43. Sit quietly
  44. Look at pictures on your dream university
  45. Create a collage all about your dreams and goals
  46. Paint
  47. Do your hair
  48. File your nails
  49. Tidy your work space
  50. Order lots of pretty stationary online