Advice: Sex Talk

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11 November 2014

By Lauren H

As you get older, you will more than likely be faced with conversations on the basis of sex and relationships. Rumours will be floating around about who has been with who, and what someone got up to at the party last night. You may begin to question your own actions, whether you are having sex or not, and wonder if anyone else is feeling the same – chances are, they will be. So, it’s best to find out the facts so that you can make clear decisions, and do exactly what you want.

The legal age for having sex in the UK is 16. This absolutely does not mean that you have to lose your virginity at this age, so don’t feel pressured into doing so. You should only engage in sexual relations when you feel as though you are ready, and with someone you are comfortable with. Just because someone has said that they’ve had sex with a certain amount of people doesn’t mean they have – and even if it is true, who cares? It shouldn’t influence your actions, as everyone feels ready at different times. So many people regret losing their virginity at a particular age, or with a particular person, and so remember this when deciding – will you regret it in years to come?

If you do feel as though you are ready to have sex then that is fine too. However, it’s vital to stay safe and use contraception, whether that be a condom, the pill or even an implant – there is plenty out there, so make sure to have a look into it. Contraception will prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, so take it seriously.

Despite this, don’t worry too much – as long as you are prepared and ready then you will be fine. Speak to your friends about it, a family member or someone else you feel comfortable around. If you’re in a relationship, talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend, and ensure that you are both happy with the situation.

If you are still worried, there is plenty of other help and advice available to you. There are sexual health clinics situated all around the UK, and you will be able to find your nearest one online. There are also many websites that you can visit, including Brook, FPA and the NHS.

If you have a specific question you want answering, or a topic that you would like advice on, then don’t hesitate to contact B**P at lauren.h@nebeep.com– you can remain anonymous or we can publish your name, just let us know what you would prefer.


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