Alex Salmond Resigns From the SNP

Alex Salmond, former Scottish First Minister and one of the principal advocates of Scottish Independence, has resigned from the Scottish National Party after 45 years.

Salmond, who led the SNP for 20 years, has said his resignation is a temporary measure whilst he attempts to distance himself from sexual misconduct allegations which emerged last week. The ex-first minister has been the subject of two complaints from Scottish Government staff members during his time as the first minister – a post he held for 7 years. Salmond vehemently denies all the allegations, calling them “patently ridiculous” and has now begun formal legal proceedings against the Scottish Government for their handling of the complaints.

Salmond defended his record on Twitter by reaffirming his ‘love for the SNP and the wider Scottish independence movement’ and that before this January the Scottish government had never received a single complaint about him during ‘many decades of membership’. “That is the record of 30 years of public service”.

Salmond chose to resign so that the SNP wouldn’t have to face calls from the opposition to suspend him, which Salmond hopes will avoid any internal divisions within the party.

Since November 2017 Alex Salmond – a self-confessed admirer of certain parts of Vladimir Putin’s tenure as Russian President – has hosted the Alex Salmond Show on Russia Today. Interviewees have included ex-Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and Alasdair Campbell.