When on holiday you don’t often expect to find yourself in a concentration camp used by the Nazis. However, when holidaying in Kraków, Poland, a trip to Auschwitz is necessary and important.

Auschwitz-Birkenau camp was used by the Nazis in World War Two to murder and exploit their enemies and opponents, mainly Jewish citizens as well as the physically and mentally ill, political opponents and gypsies. The camp is renowned for its extreme methods of torture and brutality and has become one of the most famous in the world due to its history including the activities of Dr Mengel who carried out horrific experiments on women and children, twins in particular.


A tour or Auschwitz is, sadly, unsurprising. You go into the camp thinking you’ll be shocked and stunned but in reality, that doesn’t happen. The tour shows you that everything you’ve ever heard about Auschwitz is true and exactly like how it is portrayed in films.

The buildings are horrifying and truly chilling, but what’s colder is that nothing about the camps has been dramatised by Hollywood or throughout history. The piles and piles of shoes and bags and clothes and hair show you the extent of the Holocaust and the uniqueness of human beings that was drowned out by the Nazis.

Heading to Auschwitz is an experience you will never forget, and one that you must do if you’re in Kraków. You’ll learn a lot, tear up a lot and leave feeling a little bit emptier than you came.