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3 November 2014

By NEBeep

DVLA figures show that more than 10,000 newly qualified drivers are banned from driving every year.

Since June 2010 up to 50,000 motorists have been banned from British roads; many of these drivers were  banned for driving without  insurance.

The DVLA think that one of the main reasons for these figures is that young people falsely insure their vehicles. Young drivers may own their vehicle but tell the insurance company their parents are the main driver of the car because it makes their insurance cheaper. The average cost of insuring a car for a driver under the age of 25 is around £2,000.

So driving while uninsured may be one of the main reasons that new drivers are banned from the roads, but what about the other contributing factors? According to the 201o Census drink driving is also an issue for those newly qualified as the 20-24 age range is the highest   involved in accidents where the driver was drunk.

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