Brexit Chaos

A fact which is abundantly clear to most who follow the news is that the current political climate is chaotic, to say the least. Brexit is looming large in the headlines day after day, and no one seems able to agree on what the way forward should be. This fact is a dangerous one, one which we should be more fearful of than Brexit itself.

There isn’t any getting away from Brexit, it’s everywhere, whether you like it or not. The biggest worry at the minute is how incoherent the discussion has become, and how apparently ill equipped politicians seem to be in dealing with it. As long as the key players in Brexit continue to argue over what exactly we want coming away from the EU, nothing productive is going to be done. The fact that now even those who were all for Brexit back before the referendum appear to be coming up empty of solutions for the crisis, and that the public has been deceived over the consequences of Brexit, which only now are becoming apparent, is infuriating.

The longer the Tories spend on infighting over key issues; the longer we are delayed in negotiations with the EU; the more clarity lost in headlines written almost entirely in incomprehensible political jargon, the larger the risk we will leave the EU blinded by uncertainty and doubt. Needless to say, Brexit was not a notion I have ever been over the moon about, but now, so far into the process, it is terrifying to see blatant incompetence on the part of those supposedly leading the effort. Britain made a decision, I believe, based on false information. It would be reasonable to expect, this far down the line, some level of organisation and planning that would at least allow us to see where we may be in two, three, five years time. Now, everything is up in the air, and nobody is happy.

That is, aside from a few staunch Brexiteers who are perhaps hanging on to their stance purely out of denial, or grim determination to see this thing through, even if we land ourselves in national crisis as a result. That would be no surprise, human stubbornness is responsible for many great troubles, Brexit is merely another to add to a rather sad list. Everybody knew from the offset that leaving the EU would be many things, and easy wasn’t one of them. I am not naive enough or foolish enough to expect it to be any other way, but what I yearn for now is some semblance of order, of hope, or something I can put my trust into that things aren’t going entirely disastrously. The problem with the current chaos is that more or less anything could be happening, and without clarity, on the primary issues we can not fully understand what we have gotten ourselves into.