Burritos are Great

It’s not often I chat about food. Which is odd, I spend 90% of my workday eating. Whether it’s snacking on Cheddars, or munching down a Dominos for lunch. But few things ever compare to my favourite food. This magnificent cylinder of flavour is the perfect meal. Here’s why.

It contains most of the food groups when you look at it. You have carbs from the rice, nutrients from your choice of vegetables, protein from the meat and beans used and it’s filling as all hell. But where does this tasty boy come from? Who came up with it? Well, we have an answer for that too.

It’s not a phase I’m craving these all the time.

It originates from Mexico, using corn tortillas to wrap the food up in, including peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, squash and avocado. The Pueblo people of the Southwestern United States also made tortillas with beans and meat sauces like the modern burrito.

There are many variations on the burrito. There are breakfast burritos, wet burritos, burrito bowls and the chimichanga, which a burrito, but deep fried.

Newcastle itself is now home to a few places that you can grab one of these magnificent creations. I’ve tried most of them, so here they are ranked.

Who would win? A hungry stomach or one of these tasty boys.

Bar Burrito – Probably the nicest I’ve had so far, it opened in the Metrocentre a few months ago, with the unveiling of the newer food bit. Rather cheap, and incredibly filling.

Tortilla – recently opened in Eldon Square’s newest section, it’s easy to miss but worth a shout. It’s tasty and again rather cheap. The choice of toppings is rather vast and the pork I had in mine was delectable.

Zapatista – Nice, but it was a while ago that I had one so I’m going off of hazy memories. Tasty enough, however, it’s a tad more expensive than previous examples.

KFC – Yeah, I know. If you need something to fill you fast and really don’t care about your diet, pick one up. It’s nice, but the kind of nice where you’re basically done after four bites.

So yeah, there you go. An endorsement in burritos.