Blizzard’s powerhouse FPS game Overwatch is helping fund breast cancer research in its limited-time event. The centrepiece for the effort will be a skin for the hero Mercy, with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Blizzard has committed to a guaranteed minimum donation of $250,000 and will update players with a final tally if it surpasses that. Mercy’s Pink skin will be available through until 21st May. It’s a good-looking skin too.

The games company will also be offering two new t-shirts, again with all proceeds going to the foundation. The designs all feature the iconic pink ribbon. The skin is $15, and t-shirts are $30. Logging in during the event will get you the player icon and watching Overwatch streams will get you four special sprays that can be used in-game.

Blizzard is no stranger to charity events, they had a special pet available in Word of Warcraft for Red Cross disaster relief or Hearthstone’s alternate Mage hero for the World Wildlife Fund.

The most recent update added a new map, called Rialto, which is an escort mission set in Venice. This also served as the release for some major changes for the likes of Hanzo. Brigitte, a support/tank was added not long ago either.

Man, I need one of those t-shirts.