Contact or No Contact?

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18 February 2015

By NEBeep

There has been a lot of questions asked and comments raised over the decision made on Monday night when Manchester United won a penalty against Preston in the FA Cup game.

The decision was made after a challenge from Preston’s goalkeeper Thorsten Stuckmann. Thorsten slid out with both feet trying to prevent Wayne Rooney scoring in the one on one situation. Wayne knocked the ball passed the Preston keeper before he was brought down but the question is was there little contact or no contact?

Thorston said Wayne apologised for the dive but Preston’s boss Thomas Grayson disagrees that the United skipper dived after the box challenge. Grayson said, “I am not saying it wasn’t a penalty. I’m saying there was no contact, it wasn’t a dive. He’s gone to get out of the way and taken evasive action.”

England manager Roy Hodgson said, “If you are the referee in the run of play without replays I don’t think any of us would have said it was not a penalty.”

Either way whether the decision was right or wrong Manchester secured their place in the FA Cup and now progress into the quarter finals where they will take on Arsenal.

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