Corrie Sends Twitter into Overdrive

22 January 2014

By Yasmine

Twitter went into meltdown Monday night averaging 8000 tweets per minute during the double bill of Coronation Street. It came around after the tragic death of the streets favourite lady, Hayley Cropper. Many people turned their attentions to ‘poor Roy’ who was forced to say goodbye to his soul mate.

Viewers were sobbing their hearts out as the ITV soap bid farewell to one of its most loved characters. There has been a lot of controversy over Hayley’s death as she committed suicide with a cocktail of drugs after suffering from pancreatic cancer.

There have been talks in parliament about whether people should be allowed assist someone to take their own life if they are suffering from a long term illness but at this moment in time it is still illegal. The government however are set to release a statement in May addressing the matter further.

The final scene showed a devestated Roy holding his beloved wife in his arms.

R.I.P Hayley Cropper


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