Westminster City Council is putting some new rules in place for restaurants who lease with food delivery apps like Deliveroo and UberEats.

The apps are used to order takeaway food from restaurants. Many chain restaurants use these apps in cities and are generally quite popular with younger generations and students. Because nothing beats a pre-session Wagamama’s.

However, to continue to use these apps, restaurants must now conform to new standards, set out by local cabinet member Daniel Astaire. They said the services could lead to ‘traffic chaos’ in London if left unchecked. The council reported that a Nando’s outlet stopped deliveries through the app after it received more than 25 complaints about noise and congestion.

Council officers have observed many delivery mopeds parked outside the chain’s Westbourne Grove address, over several weeks. The vehicles cause noise and congestion in an already busy residential area, according to the council.

A Nando’s spokesperson told the BBC, ‘The amount of Peri-Peri [sauce] fans in the Bayswater area meant that the popularity of the delivery service grew very quickly in a short space of time.’

‘Because of the location of the restaurant, at the junction of a busy residential road, this caused some disruption and the service was stopped at the request of Westminster Council.’

Any restaurant using the app service to deliver food as more than an incidental service must apply for a change in planning permission. This will prove that they minimise disruption in local neighbourhoods. The policy will be included in the council’s City Plan in the coming spring.

The Westminster area has nearly 3,000 restaurants. Keeping on top of ‘new technologies’ is key, according to Mr Astaire.

Deliveroo and UberEats both responded to the coming changes by saying they would love to work with the community and the council to continue to provide their services and address any concerns.