This weekend, the European Union referendum campaign is moving up a notch as the debate is taken to the streets.

Both sides of the campaign will argue their case to the British public, while Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn are set to make separate cases for a Remain vote.

The unofficial leader of the Leave campaign, former London Mayor Boris Johnson, will outline in a speech why he thinks that we should leave the EU. Mr Johnson also launched what is now known as the ‘EU battle bus’ on Wednesday and will hold a series of nationwide events on his journey.

‘Britain Stronger In Europe’ said it would be putting on around 1,000 UK-wide events on Saturday to promote EU membership.

Meanwhile, in London, Lab0ur’s Jeremy Corbyn will launch an attack on the government while attempting to rally support for a Remain vote in less than six weeks.

On 23rd June, voters in the UK will be asked whether they want to stay in or leave the European Union. With polls suggesting that the vote is 50-50, it seems that the intensive campaigning will be the deciding factor on our EU membership.