The first trailer for Steven King’s The Dark Tower is here. The long-awaited adaption has been in the works for a while, with images popping up here and there of Idris Elba, playing The Gunslinger, and rumours of a 2017 release. But now we have a trailer, the film should be with us in a matter of months.

It looks really cool. Idris suits the gruff, ranger kind of look, and Matthew McConaughey looks intense as The Man in Black. The story follows a boy, who is having dreams and visions of a tower, a man dressed all in black, and a loner, a gun at his side in a big coat.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.20.20

Name someone cooler than Idris Elba. I’ll wait.

He is then transported into this world, where everything is desolate, and no hope remains. The boy learns that this tower he has been dreaming of is actually a gateway to his world. If the tower falls, as Idris says in the trailer, “all hell will be unleashed”.

The film will arrive on 4th August this year.