All aboard the hype train.

Yes, we have our first look at actual gameplay from Monster Hunter: World. Livestreamed yesterday, we see a good 40 or so minutes of gameplay, hunting monsters and seeing this vibrant world that the developers at Capcom have put together.

We see monsters interacting with each other, more than ever before. The smaller ones nip at each other, and the bigger ones tend to eat the little ones. From the giant T-rex sort of thing to the awesome wyvern style monster at the end, this is going to be one hell of a game.

It even shows different styles of combat, and how each weapon will work against the monsters. We have the bow caster, to the buster sword wielder, to your good old-fashioned hammer.

Monster Hunter started with a very small, cult-like following of the original on PS2, however, when it came to the PSP, it gained a massive following. It has been running since then, with a release every few years, the most recent of which being on the 3DS, which was Monster Hunter: Generations.

Like we said before, it has a very Dark Souls vibe, before Dark Souls was even a thing. Huge weighty weapons, massive bosses, with weird and cool looking creatures. I might even dig up my old PSP and have a crack at it again.

You never know.

Monster Hunter is set to release at some point next year.

I hope you’re as excited as I am.