First Year Problems #3

Being a first-generation student

Going to university is one of the most daunting things you can do in life. Throwing yourself into a different city with a bunch of random people you’ve never even met before and studying something full-time for three years is not easy to adjust to straight away. However, one thing which makes the process a little more complex is being a first generation student.

First generation students are the first in their immediate family to go to university. Because of this, we’ve got nobody in our family who have been to uni before and had to navigate their way through the confusion of getting settled in, finding your way around, organising timetables and lectures and how to find readings for tutorials. In fact, I didn’t even know that academics set readings for tutorials until someone mentioned it in passing.

Being the first in the family to go to university is confusing and difficult at times. It can also feel somewhat alienated, but you shouldn’t let it make you feel any less valuable than everyone else there. You got in with the same intelligence (or more) than they did, and you have actually just proven yourself to have the grit and determination to forge a new path and way forward for your family history.

Just because all of your friends’ parents went to uni doesn’t mean you’re behind. Us first-generation students have an odd advantage in that respect, actually. We are doing it all ourselves. Well done to us.

Song of the week

Choosing a song this week has not been very easy, actually. But the one I’ve chosen is slowly becoming a favourite. Enjoy it if you haven’t heard it before- it is a new one (I know, how unlike me!).