Short answer: nope.

Long answer: keep reading.

Recently, the Metrocentre in Gateshead has gone through some renovations, completely redoing the ‘village’ part of the Metrocentre, which, by the end of 2014, was out of date and out of place.

Now it’s reopening its wing of restaurants, including Bella Italia, Chiquitos, and most importantly, Five Guys.

Now being 19 and having money to waste on food, two of my friends and I decided to grab a burger from the brand spanking new restaurant.

From the offset, it’s popular. The place was full to the brim with people, mostly teenagers and young adults. The fry cooks and servers were all bustling behind the counter, yelling orders, and frying patties.

The line went down quickly and I eventually ordered a bacon cheeseburger, a little fries and a regular refillable drink. Then the handsome cashier asked for £14 exactly.

On the outside I was like:




I remember distinctly saying to one of my friends that these burgers had better be a godsend.

So after waiting for ten minutes while other orders were picked up from the counter, I managed to get through two cups worth of Powerade, and refilled with a vanilla Coke just as our food was all ready to go.


It has literally every drink you can think of. Powerade to Fanta Grape. More importantly, it has Powerade… I think I have a problem.

The place, as mentioned, was full up, so we ate in the car.

The fries were rather good, crunchy and fluffy. Salted perfectly, and tasted like actual potatoes, and considering I got the smallest amount available, there were more than I thought.

Now the burger.

Meat: good quality, tender, and tasty.

Bun: good, seeded, and golden.

Bacon: crispy and delicious.

Cheese: lots of it.

Back Camera


However, after having finished the burger, I contemplated. That £14 could have been spent on something much more fulfilling. A restaurant meal, where you aren’t rushed off your feet from ordering to leaving. And not having to justify paying £2.50 for a drink by refilling it twice within the space of ten minutes.

Conclusion: tasty, but it was a hollow taste it left behind. If you have the money, then I’d recommend something less cheesy. If you’re a veggie…well… Bella Italia might be more suited to your tastes.

7/10, would get ripped off again.