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8 December 2014

By Lauren H

New apps are constantly being created, being introduced into the public eye and becoming popular immediately.  Although there are plenty of great inventions out there, some are just a bit too creepy… First it was apps that secretly save Snapchat photos onto your phone without the sender knowing and now it’s an app made to spy on your partner, or even your children. What will be next?

Flexispy is a brand new app that allows you to spy on your partner’s phone without them knowing. You will be able to view almost anything on their phone, including apps, messages, photos and more. You can even switch on their microphone and listen to their conversations, or track where they are.

On its website (www.flexispy.com), the creators claim that this app will be beneficial if you want to spy on partners, children or employees, and that it is a right that you deserve. Surely this is a breach of privacy? Undoubtedly, this app, and all others like it, should be shut down before they cause havoc in relationships and go too far. There is a hefty cost attached to this spying app, claiming to start from $68 a month, which is just ridiculous. Plus, relationships will go nowhere without trust, so an app like this just seems utterly pointless.

If you’re considering buying this app then don’t – you are breaking the law and you should respect the privacy of whoever you want to spy on. Think about it.

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