Unless you had your head stuck in the sand all weekend, or remained under a rock, you’ll have realized that last weekend was a fairly eventful one. Wearside hosted its 29th International Airshow while Tyneside, decked in out in rainbow-realness couture celebrated its 10th Pride Festival. Thousands endured the elements as the North East hosted 2 of its biggest annual events.

Red Arrows jets releasing red, blue and white smoke.

Iconic Red Arrows performance.

Regardless of which one you attended, its safe to say both were eventful. Seaburn seafront was alive with a huge gathering and intermittent performances withthe world’s best aircraft. As expected, parts of the show were delayed as the skies clouded and over and rain threatened to dampen public spirits. Unfortunately, the booming Eurofighter Typhoon’s performance was cut short due to weather conditions, but displays from firm favourites like the Red Arrow’s and Blades impressed all as the sun finally made an appearance. The performers even made a visual tribute to Bradley Lowrey in the form of a blue heart, as well as the victims of the Manchester Arena attack.

Crowd holding rainbow flags and banners

Pride marchers donning rainbow colours.

Just a few miles inland Newcastle city centre was equally alive with the annual Pride Festival. The weather failed to bring proceedings to a halt,  and aside from the odd umbrella and poncho, people’s wardrobe choices weren’t all that affected either. The drizzly streets were given a temporary injection of sunshine as the march made its way from the Civic Centre through Northumberland Street and finally towards the Town Moore. Again, people that attended showed their persistence in spite of weather conditions, and enjoyed performances from A1 and many others. The sun’s appearance towards the end of the day only served to energize people further, as they hit the gay scene in town and carried on their antics into the following day. All in all it was a great weekend for the North East, and a testament to the determination of people to get on with it and have a good time.

Perhaps we should bring it all together next year and have the Red Arrows release smoke in all colours of the rainbow?