too good to be true

Every child dreams of being a rock star, a footballer or perhaps a rocket scientist. Why should we stop dreaming big when we get old enough to start thinking about our CVs? How do some of these take your fancy?

Chocolate Taster


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Yes, it’s a real job! Imagine waking up every day, and knowing that kit kats and mars bars were waiting for you. Imagine deciding on new flavours, and having to decide if something was peanut buttery enough, or whether it should have a hint of coffee. Imagine your typical lethargic Saturday morning pig-out, but actually getting paid for it… We can but dream!

Blue Peter Presenter


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So, you get to meet celebrities all the time, and attend red-carpet events. You are taken care of by an extensive hair, makeup and costume team. You get the chance to try out everything you’ve ever fancied doing, from snowboarding to cello lessons, and from performing in a musical to meeting elephants. And it’s all in the name of education!

Cat Sitters


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Okay, so maybe this one isn’t quite as well paid. But anyone who has ever worked as a baby sitter knows the huge benefits that come with the job. Long hours in front of the TV, a full fridge and a posh house to yourself. The massive advantage that comes with cat sitting is that cats look after themselves. Plus, they’re adorable, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get some good loving from a great big purring ball of joy.

Perfume Designer


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Who knew that science could be so fashionable? As a perfume designer, you need a chemistry degree, but then you get to play around with essence of rose and extract of sandalwood. Robust or subtle, sexy or playful? The science of the nose has never been cooler!

It all makes the vague idea of going ‘into business’ seem a bit more dull, doesn’t it?!