Four pop stars who deserve a movie biopic

12 November 2018

By Kieran

Bohemian Rhapsody depicts the career of the rock band Queen and, more specifically, the life of Freddie Mercury. This got me thinking, which pop stars of the modern day should receive the same treatment in 20 years? Here are our contemporary picks.

Ariana Grande

For better or worse, this music megastar has had an incredible life. And that’s only counting the last two years. She rose up as an actor on kids TV to become one of the biggest icons in the world in a very short time. Her romantic life is a constant source of complicated headlines with her recent engagement call-off and the tragic death of her ex Mac Miller. The devastating catastrophe of the Manchester bombing attack and Grande’s subsequent inhuman strength is tear-inducing. Nevertheless, the whole story emerges as one that is worth recounting to the next generation.

Kanye West

What can be said about this guy that hasn’t already been trending on Twitter? His erratic nonsensical outbursts, his marriage into the world’s most famous family and his bizarre MAGA support. All this could build into a fascinating character-piece which I see as similar to Birdman. Is he a delusional egomaniac? Does he need help? Is he being exploited or should his tale be viewed as cautionary on the dangers of fame? An Aaron Sorkin script delving deep into the psyche of West could be an enthralling story because we just might discover what might drive a man to name his child North.

Leon Jackson

Who, you say? And to that, I say… exactly. Jackson won the X-Factor in 2007 and subsequently disappeared off the face of the earth after a few successes with Simon Cowell’s record label. In my vision of the film, winning the show is the first scene. The rest details the rapid decline into obscurity ahead of next years series of X-Factor. I mostly want this film to be an examination of Cowell as a businessman in the way The Founder did for the McDonalds guy. I’m not married to Jackson as the subject. Lord knows the X-Factor obscurity graveyard is heaped high with a plentiful choice. Matt Cardle, Matt Terry, Louisa Johnson. Honestly, take your pick.

Lady Gaga

Say what you like about this woman, but you could write a script using only the headlines in which she’s featured in the last ten years. There was that time we all said she had a penis for some reason. She wore that meat dress probably for veganism or something. More than most, you get the sense that Gaga is an actual artist trying to say something through pop music and fashion. I couldn’t really tell you what that thing is, but I’m sure that someone like… erm… I dunno David Lynch or Tim Burton could do a bang-up job.

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