Top 13 Taylor Swift Songs

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24 March 2023

By Azka

By Azka and Lucy

Taylor Swift is known for her phenomenal music. She has won over 100 awards and as an international sensation, she is loved worldwide and hasn’t missed the mark once with her exceptional songwriting skills and angelic voice. However, there are just some songs which are so good you will never get sick of them. These are the songs that make up our Taylor Swift playlist.

You Belong with Me (Taylor’s Version)

You Belong with Me is one of Taylor’s most loved songs. The music video has 1.4 billion views and got her an MTV award (an award she definitely deserved despite others disagreeing). It’s about wanting a person who is with someone that isn’t treating them right. It has a very powerful message despite being so upbeat and is relatable for many people. It is definitely one of her most iconic songs.


Enchanted is part of Taylor’s third album “Speak Now”. She wrote it about someone that she was “enchanted to meet”. She went to New York to meet him hoping he wasn’t in love already, inspiring the line “please don’t be in love with someone else, please don’t have somebody waiting on you”. It’s one of her most magical songs.

All too Well (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor never expected All too well to be so loved. Track 5s are usually vulnerable but no one expected the dagger to the heart of this heartfelt song about the loss of a relationship, and the realisation of how toxic it was. With the re-recording in 2021, we were also blessed with a 10-minute version and short film starring Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien and Taylor Swift. Thank you, Taylor.


This hit was written about Harry Styles and their relationship. It is universally adored, one of the best songs on 1989 and won Taylor some awards. The catchy lyrics about never going “out of style” are unbeatable and it is one of her most danceable songs. It’s impossible not to sing along!


This 1989 track references Lewis Carrol’s novel “Alice in Wonderland,” even referencing the rabbit hole in “we took a wrong turn and we fell down a rabbit hole”. It is not confirmed to be about anyone but Harry Styles is the suspect. However, Swifties just love it anyway due to the incredible lyrics about getting lost in a beautiful romance.

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice Things

Reputation is about the criticism she faced from the media and Kanye West’s bullying tactics. Taylor expertly words this song like she’s talking to a child. It highlights when Kanye was rude to her and how he called her a name in one of his songs. She mentions how Kanye’s wife at the time, Kim Kardashian, faked a phone call about the lyric in the line,”Get you on the phone and mind-twist you”. She really showed them who’s boss with this amazing song!


This is a heartwarming track about falling in love with someone, but being hesitant because you don’t know what they think of you, then realising they like you back. The vocals are so soft and angelic and the music video showcases some killer moves.

King of my Heart

King of my heart is spectacular as throughout the album Taylor references kingdoms in a negative way, however, in this song, she’s talking about finding the one for her who really loves her and who she wants to be “King of her Heart” forever.

Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer is similar to Delicate, about the uncertainty of falling in love, and yearning to go further into the relationship, however, the production is strikingly different as Cruel Summer is much more ‘poppy’ with one of the best bridges ever, a ranting bridge similar to Out of the Woods.

The Man

The Man is such an amazing song to dance to with lyrics that tackle sexism straight on as Taylor imagines how she and her music would have been received differently if she was a man.

Lavender Haze

Lavender Haze is about Taylor being deeply in love with someone before the media gets involved and enjoying ”the love spiral”. It is a beautiful song to listen to and it is one of the best on Midnights. The muffled synth beats are perfect.


Anti-hero is a depressing bop about thinking of yourself as the issue in every situation and is the ultimate anthem of self-loathing. If national anthems had an unhinged bridge and a mood-setting music video

You’re on Your own Kid

Last but not least, Track 5 on Midnights, is a reflective song about growing up and realising not everyone is always going to be there for you and that you can face everything on your own, after all you always have.

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