Top 5 Taylor Swift Bridges

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14 July 2023

By Caitlan

As Taylor Swift herself says in ‘I Think He Knows’ – ‘I am an architect,’ which is true in the way that she  creates some of the best bridges of all time. But in this instance, it is musical bridges rather than the likes of the Tyne Bridge.  

5. ‘Getaway Car’ – Reputation

‘Getaway Car’ is track nine on Swift’s sixth studio album, Reputation. Its pop lyrics and synth-pop music hide the deeper meaning in the lyrics, especially in the bridge. It portrays Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston as Bonnie and Clyde’s relationship (a historical couple who worked together to commit crimes). However, unlike theirs, Swift and Hiddleston didn’t work out. This may just be to fit the theme of reputation, an album Swift wrote for revenge, or it could suggest that leaving him was almost like committing a crime.



4. ‘Dear John’ – Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

‘Dear John’ is Swift’s fifth song on Speak Now. Its country music complements the deep and emotional lyrics, which is fitting for a track five (Taylor’s most sensitive songs). ‘Dear John’ is about John Mayer and Taylor Swift’s toxic relationship. It exposes the 32-year-old (Mayer) who broke the heart of a 19-year-old (Swift), who loved him so.


3. ‘Out of the Woods’ – 1989

‘Out of the Woods’ is the fourth track on 1989 (Swift’s first full pop album). The synth-pop song shows a relationship which was doomed from the start. Swift was afraid to see what was outside the relationship, which made her stay with him. The main message is that you have to lose someone to find yourself, and how that is everything.



2. ‘Champagne Problems’ – Evermore

‘Champagne Problems’ is track two on Evermore. Its emotional lyrics showcase the failed relationship (and proposal) between two college sweethearts. It shows how the couple had different plans for the future of their relationship, one wanted to end it and one wanted to get married.



1. ‘Death By a Thousand Cuts’ – Lover

‘Death By a Thousand Cuts’ is possibly one of the best bridges of all time. It is track ten on Lover and has bouncy/pop music which contrasts greatly with the deep and emotional lyrics. Swift compares a break-up to a form of death (which was a method of execution in China until 1905). Death by 1000 cuts would be a slow and painful death, to compare that to break up could suggest that it was a slow and painful way to end things. It also shows how heartbreak affects people.

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