Game Review – Space Marine

You are Captain Titus of the Ultramarines, genetically engineered and trained in all manners of weaponry, from the simple bolter to the beastly power hammer. You are a Space Marine. And you were made for one purpose.


In this third-person shooter, with an integrated melee combat system, you will fight for control of the planet Graia, a Forge World for the Marines and home to the Warlord class titan, as Orks attempt to over run the planet.

The mix of melee and ranged combat is very well polished, and is incredibly fun to play. You switch rapidly from a bolter (a Space Marine weapon of immense size, unsuitable for mere humans) to the signature chainsword (like a chainsaw…but on a sword) to deliver devastating finishing blows to the hordes of Orks and Chaos Marines, led by The Chosen of Nemmeroth.

The ground stomp. Perfect for crowd control.

The ground stomp. Perfect for crowd control.


The world is well designed and things like character and weapon models are really detailed (for 2011 it’s aged quite nicely). You can tell the developers and designers put a lot of passion into the world, to give the true feeling of constant war in the Warhammer: 40,000 universe. Plus it’s a fraction of the price of the actual models.

It’s bloody and very well put together. The story is rather predictable, but that can be looked past when you’re charging to battle with a massive hammer and a really big gun.