Game Review: Titanfall 2

Think Black Ops 2 with giant, pilotable robots.

Oh Titanfall, EA’s problematic title. You poor sweet thing. You deserved more. You deserved a fully-fledged release, away from the likes of Call of Duty: Infinite Sameware, and Reskinfield 1.

You deserved far better, from us as players, and from EA as a publisher.

Having learned from their mistakes in the first game, Respawn Entertainment has come back with a rather loud, mechanical sounding bang, in Titanfall 2.

Real talk though?

It’s so good.

From shooting to running, multiplayer to single player, customisation, and game modes, it’s wonderful.

Graphically, it is rather impressive. Everything looks sharp and stylised. The titans are huge, and intimidating when on foot, but once you’re in one, you become a hulking mass of metal and man, fused to fight. Each titan has its own set of moves, from the Ronin, a sword-wielding, phase-shifting mech, to the Ion, who has an automatic laser canon, and a laser-assisted missile silo on her shoulder.

The gameplay is fantastic, from scaling buildings as a pilot, all speedy like, to crunching robots and soldiers underfoot, in your preferred titan. The amount of weapons is rather satisfying, and there is a levelling system for each one, with perks and attributes relevant to the weapon. So most rifles and SMGs have perks like faster reload or running and shooting. All of these things can assist you when in combat.

The single player is also a treat. It’s fun! Apart from a few platforming bits that had me tearing my hair out, that is, but the majority of the time, it’s pretty damn fun. While it does fall under the ‘boy and his robot’ story category, it’s incredibly well done. If not a little too short.


RIP my giant robot buddy.

All in all, a really well-done shooter, and a much more intimate multiplayer experience than Battlefield 1.

Plus, no season pass. All DLC will be free, and for that reason, we’re giving it: