With the news of a new season of X-Files, Gillian Anderson shared that she is ready to move on from the role of Scully.

Well, this has been all but confirmed, as she shut down the notion of returning to the character at any point. Gillian Anderson started playing the role in 1993 and has done 11 seasons, and two movies.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association winter tour, she explained:

‘I arrived at the decision before we did the previous six.’

Initially she did not know that there would be life beyond The X-Files revival beyond one season and was prepared to hang up the role there. However, she credits the shows creator Chris Carter for her returning for Season 11.

‘I think as Chris has said himself, that short stack of episodes kind of felt like we were learning how to walk again and that this season of 10 [episodes] is that the pace is up and we’re running.’

She just doesn’t age does she?

She’s now ready to move on to other projects however and close the book on Scully. I would be too, if I had been working on something for more than 20 years. She has worked alongside David Duchovny all that time too, as he played the ‘believer’ Mulder.

However, just because Anderson is leaving the show, does not mean The X-Files should have to end. Carter said he doesn’t have much interest in making the show without Gillian, but Duchovny pointed out it could be possible, saying:

The X-Files is a frame.’

Could there be a reboot with some new characters?

There very well could be. Given that all you would need would be a man and a woman team, one a believer in aliens, the other being a sceptic. A healthy dollop of intrigue and some government conspiracies and there you have it. A perfect X-Files series.

Who knows?