Goldfinger Goes Under The Hammer

20 March 2014

By Yasmine

A Goldfinger movie poster is set to sell for £3,000 at an auction in Newcastle. The poster dates back to 1964 which was Sir Sean Connery’s third time playing the infamous 007 character. The poster is set to be the centrepiece of a collection of classic film posters being sold at the Anderson & Garland Fine Art & Antiques. Other posters in the collection include ET, Jaws and two other Bond movies- 1981’s For Your Eyes Only and 1983’s Octopussy.

Peter Douglas is the man behind the posters as he had collected them over the years whilst working his first job at the Classic Cinema in Low Fell, in Gateshead. The cinema has since closed down and a block of flats now stands in its place. Peter has collected 30 original cinema posters and they are all set to go under the hammer.

The auction is set to take place on the 25th-27th March.



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