Sony’s favourite redheaded robot hunter has been riding the train straight to cash town.

Guerrilla Games, the guys behind Killzone, have recently reached a rather large milestone with their newest title, Horizon Zero Dawn. The game was released in February, and has since done incredibly well on the PS4. It has been a slow burn up to this point, taking into account that the majority of those sales (2.6 million to be exact) were made within the first two weeks of the game’s initial launch.


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Of the 3.4 million copies, 915,000 were digital.

Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan, who acts as the global head of sales and marketing, was incredibly pleased with the amount of sales and attention the game had been getting.

Ryan told Glixel, “We’ve been so proud of what that studio has been able to do. It’s a brave step for that studio to go from making shooters like Killzone to an open-world game.”

It should come as no surprise that the game has a new story expansion planned. Sony is likely to unveil all at E3 this month.

E3 starts on Tuesday 13th June, and ends on Friday 17th of that week.

Fingers crossed, eh?