Hugh Hefner Dies, Age 91

That’s a long time to spend around so many attractive women.

Many people have differing opinions about the man, who founded the Playboy Mansion and the magazine. His last tweets were about Hurricane Irma and the effect it’s had on the country.

Hugh set up a few funds and supported many others. Children of the Night, a charity that helps rescue children from prostitution, was supported by the philanthropist. He also set up the Hugh M. Hefner Foundation in 1964, with the aim of facilitating ‘individual rights in a democratic society’. Oh, and Playboy had a black model on the cover of their magazine three years before Vogue.

Now before you write of Playboy like so many do, as just another magazine to look at women, there’s a flip side. While there may be some scantily clad ladies, there are also some fascinating interviews.

The Mansion was Hugh Hefner’s crown jewel, atop an empire that started over 60 years ago.

They interviewed the likes of Martin Luther King Jr, Steve Jobs, Fidel Castro, John Lennon, Miles Davis, the list goes on. From some incredibly poignant figures in politics to some big names in music, film and more.

Hefner died surrounded by family and friends peacefully.

Recently, the magazine removed full nudity from its publication, due to the competition of the internet. Which means yes, you can now buy Playboy For the articles.