Instagram Rich List

Reality star and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner takes the number one spot on the Instagram rich list. The new mother earns $1m for every post she creates on Instagram. The top ten spots on the rich list feature several predictable names such as Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber.

In 12th place comes ex England footballer David Beckham, just behind Khloe Kardashian and ahead of Gareth Bale.

This data comes from Hopper HQ and is its second published Instagram rich list.

Kylie Jenner ranked 4th last year but following the success of her makeup brand, the 20-year-old has shot to the top.

In order, the top ranking Brits on the Instagram rich list are:

1. David Beckham: 49 million followers, $300,000 per post

2. Gareth Bale: 35 million followers, $185,000 per post

3. Zoe Sugg: 10 million followers, $16,000 per post

4. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: 8 million followers, $11,500 per post

5. Jamie Oliver: 6 million followers, $8,000 per post

In 2017, the top-earning Instagram posts would be worth $550,000 compared to $1m this year. Co-founder of Hopper HQ, Mike Bandar, claims that the increase in the value of Instagram posts comes from brands realising that the use of social media rather than print and TV platforms earns a “bigger return” on investment.