BBC iPlayer saw its best week ever in the period from Christmas and New Year. The service now offers popular box-sets like Miranda and Blue Planet.

Plenty of people apparently were up for the binge on things like Peaky Blinders and Line of Duty. These series helped the service reach 69.2 million requests to view. The EastEnders Christmas Day episode was the most popular show, with nine of the shows other episodes in the top 20.

The show received 1.6 million requests, while the Boxing Day episode had 1.5 million.

Peaky Blinders was the most successful out of the reinstated box sets, with 8 million requests to view, with episode six being the most watched show of the week. The BBC received over 10 million more requests for programmes than last year. Their old shows have been a hit.

It could be seen as a move to rival other streaming companies like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Charlotte Moore, the BBC Director of Content, said:

‘It’s hugely exciting to see such unprecedented numbers come to BBC iPlayer this Christmas. The public have responded in their millions to the amazing range of content we’ve offered – and for those who are loving our special Christmas box set collection there are still a few days to go.’

Might be a good time to dive back into some beloved series, or start one you’ve never seen before. Peaky Blinders is apparently very good.

Plus, it’s got Tom Hardy in it.

What more do you need?