Is There Anybody Out There?

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11 January 2014

By NEBeep

Massive planets known as “Super-Earths” can be found in our Galaxy, the Milky Way, however exist in a different solar system to ours (approximately 2,700 light-years form Earth). These planets were once dismissed as having only great masses of water but it has now been discovered that they may have an Earth-like climate and continents.

A Northwestern University astrophysicist and a University of Chicago geophysicist have found ‘flaws’ in the logic that these enormous planets would be covered in deep water and in fact suspect there to be shallow oceans and exposed continents which enable a stable climate similar to ours. They estimate that we can even put 80 times more water on a super-Earth and still have its surface look like Earth!


Although this discovery has not been completely and factually proven to be true yet, there is a strong suggestion that these planets are habitable. Who knows, in the future human beings may find this to be their new home.



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