It’s all down to Homer

23 October 2014

By Yasmine

According to the NHS, one in four of us are obese and the NHS are struggling with the costs to treat illnesses related to our ever expanding body masses.

Fat Families presenter, Steve Miller, has blamed fictional Simpson’s character Homer Simpson for the rise in obesity. Miller feels so strongly about the doughnut eating, Duff drinking character that he has sent a letter to Simpsons’ co-creator Matt Groening asking him to slim down one of our best loved TV characters.

Speaking to Newsbeat, Steve said “The Simpsons is fabulous but Homer Simpson is setting a wrong example of being fat and happy at the expense of being potentially quite poor. We have a mega issue with obesity and Homer is wobbly and porky. I want Matt Groening to consider putting Homer on a regime that promotes the message that health rocks”.

It didn’t take long before Twitter users came up with #blamehomer and came up with hilarious scenarios on how to blame everyday imperfections on Homer. One person tweeted “Broke the top button off my school top and had to rechange and made myself late for school #blamehomer”, another tweeted “Left the gym early #blamehomer”.

I ‘doughnut’ think fans of the show will be happy with Steve Miller right now.

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