Justin Apologises for Racist Joke

4 June 2014

By Yasmine

A video was released last week of Justin Bieber using the N-word when telling a racist joke. Bieber had originally recorded the joke five years ago whilst he was filming his Never Say Never documentary which was released in 2011. The ‘Boyfriend’ singer was only 15 at the time of the racial slur.

Racist comments have surfaced in the media within the past few months. LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, was caught telling a female friend not to associate with black people and not to bring a black person to any basketball game. This came as a shock as the majority of LA Clippers basketball players are black. Sterling is now being forced to sell the LA Clippers because of the racial outburst.

Another controversy came round when One Direction’s Louis, was not only smoking marijuana, but was caught saying a shortened version to the N-word on video. No apology has been released about his racial comment.

In Justin’s defence, he has released a lengthy statement to apologise and told his fans ‘I apologise for offending or hurting anyone with my childish and inexcusable mistake’.

Bieber’s long term friend, Floyd Mayweather, who is a black fighter, has stood by Justin by posting a picture of himself along with a statement: ‘Justin has been nothing but kind to me, my daughters and sons over the years. We all make mistakes when we are young. It’s part of growing up. I am proud of what he’s doing as a 20 year old musician and business man’.

At a precious age of 15, was he being childish or was he badly influenced?




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